Antonios Miaoulis

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Antonios Miaoulis
Αντώνιος Μιαούλης
Born 1800
Hydra (now in Greece)
Died October 25, 1836
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation naval officer

Antonios Miaoulis (Greek: Αντώνιος Μιαούλης; 1800 – October 25, 1836) was a Greek politician and a revolutionary leader during the Greek War of Independence.


He was born on the island of Hydra and was the second son of the Hydriot admiral Andreas Miaoulis, a member of the historic Miaoulis family.

He participated in many naval battles during the war, and when Otto of Bavaria became king, Antonios Miaoulis was appointed as his aide-de-camp. In this capacity he escorted Otto to Bavaria in 1836, where he was to be married to Amalia of Oldenburg. He died there on 25 October of cholera.

His sons were Andreas and Emmanouil.