Anula Vidyalaya

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Anula Vidyalaya
Anula Vidyalaya crest.png

MottoPali: Uththitta Nappa majjeyya
(Arise and be Diligent)
Religious affiliation(s)Buddhist
Established4 January 1941; 78 years ago (1941-01-04)
FounderDr. E. W. Adikaram
PrincipalMrs. K. A. Jayani Prishangika
Age range6 to 19
EnrollmentOver 5000
Color(s)Black & gold

Anula Vidyalaya, Colombo is the largest national Buddhist school for Sri Lankan girls, with a student population exceeding 5,000 across 13 grades from primary to secondary classes. It is established in 1941 by Dr. E. W. Adikaram with 38 students and five teachers.[1]

Currently, the school has a student body of over 5,000 girls. The Principal and the staff guide the pupils on the Buddhist principles of non-violence and self-discipline.[1]

The objective of the founder and the vision of the school is to maneuver the children into "Perfect Ladies" in every aspect.[verification needed]


The founders of Anula Vidyalaya were Dr. E. W. Adikaram, a scholar, educationist, writer, philosopher and a humanist, and the pioneer principal, Mrs. P. B. Fernando. The school was started on 4 January 1941 under the patronage of Deshamanya D. S. Senanayake, then the Minister of Agriculture. The Board of Governors was:

  • Dr. P. B. Fernando
  • Dr. D. P. Malalasekara
  • Mrs. R. W. Rupasinghe
  • Mrs. D. D. Kodagoda
  • Mrs. D. L. F. Pedris
  • Mrs. T. U. de Silva
  • Mrs. R. Premaratne
  • Mrs. N. Wijasooriya
  • Mrs. S. R. Wijethilake
  • Mrs. Nirmala Ekanayake
  • Mrs. Nanda Rajapaksha

Pioneer Principal - Mrs. P. B. Fernando - served the school from 1941 till 1956. She donated her total salary towards obtaining a block of land for the school and a scholarship scheme.

Pioneer staff and pupils:

  • Mrs. Mallika Perera
  • Mrs. S. P. Satharasinghe
  • Mrs. Susila Obeysekara
  • Mrs. Agnes Rupasinghe
  • Mrs. Anula Heendeniya


  • Mrs. P. B. Fernando 1941–1956
  • Miss. N. Ratnapala 1956–1970
  • Miss. C. K. Abeyrathna 1971–1975
  • Mrs. D. S. Meegoda 1976–1985
  • Mrs. S. Leelananda 1985–1987
  • Mrs. M. K. Welikala 1987–1988
  • Mrs. D. W. Windsor 1989–1991
  • Mrs. N. P. Jinasena 1991–2000
  • Mrs. Y. P. S. C. Jayathilake 2000–2007
  • Mrs. S. N. Malawiaarachchi 2007–2010
  • Mrs. Kalyani Gunasekara 2010–2013
  • Mrs. N. K. Ekanayake 2013–2014
  • Mrs. P. N. Rajapaksha 2014–2017
  • Mrs. K. A. Jayani Prishangika 2017 – present


  • Sanghamiththa -     
  • Uppalawanna -     
  • Dhammadinna -     
  • Chulasumana -     


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