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Anya Krugovoy Silver

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Anya Krugovoy Silver (December 22, 1968 – August 6, 2018) was an American poet. She won a Guggenheim fellowship,[1] and a Georgia Author of the Year Award.[2]


Silver was born in 1968[3] in Media, Pennsylvania, but raised in Swarthmore, and graduated from Haverford College,[4] and Emory University.[2] She then became a professor at Mercer University.[5] Her work has appeared in The Christian Century, among other publications.[6]

In 2004, Silver was pregnant and teaching at Mercer University when she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. She gave birth to son Noah and had a mastectomy. The cancer remained, and her coping with it, along with her son and husband, intensified her poetry.

Silver died at age 49 in Macon, Georgia, on August 6, 2018.[7]


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