Apaimanee Saga

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Apaimanee Saga
The third volumes of Apaimanee Saga,
published in Thailand.
Publication information
Publisher Thailand NED Comics
Format comic books
Publication date 2001 – 2006
Main character(s) Apaimanee, Srisuwan
Creative team
Created by Supot A and Strength Studio
Written by Supot A
Artist(s) Supot A

Apaimanee Saga (Thai: อภัยมณี ซาก้า) is a Thai comic series written and illustrated by Supot A. It was originally serialized in Thailand in NED Comics' magazine Boom. The story was adapted from the Thai epic poem Phra Aphai Mani by Sunthorn Phu, a legendary poet.[1]

Apaimanee Saga is the first Thai comic that has been published in foreign countries.


The story tells the adventure of the two princes Apaimanee and Srisuwan.


Apaimanee (อภัยมณี)
The first heir of Rattana, he is the first son of Thao Srisutat and Pratumkesorn. He skilled in Pi. He was caged by the water devil and helped by the mermaid clan.
Srisuwan (ศรีสุวรรณ)
The second heir of Rattana, he is the second son of Thao Srisutat and Pratumkesorn. He skilled in Krabong which defeated Thao Utain.
Keawkatesara (แก้วเกษรา)
The princess of Romemajak, she is a lover of Srisuwan.
The second volume of Apaimanee Saga, published in France
Guardian Demon (ผีเสื้อสมุทร)
The queen of the water devil, she born from the soul of 500 virgin girls.
Sinsamoot (สินสมุทร)
The son of Apaimanee and Guardian Demon, he has immense power.
Mira (ไมร่า)
The mermaid leader of dolphins who brought Apaimanee escape Guardian Demon to Ko Kaew Pitsadan. She is a daughter of Uros, the king of the mermaid clan.

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