Apishapa River

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Apishapa River[1]
Apishapa River.JPG
The river at Aguilar, Colorado.
Physical characteristics
 - coordinates37°21′12″N 105°01′04″W / 37.35333°N 105.01778°W / 37.35333; -105.01778
 - location
Confluence with Arkansas
 - coordinates
38°07′40″N 103°56′57″W / 38.12778°N 103.94917°W / 38.12778; -103.94917Coordinates: 38°07′40″N 103°56′57″W / 38.12778°N 103.94917°W / 38.12778; -103.94917
 - elevation
4,268 ft (1,301 m)
Basin size1,080 sq mi (2,800 km2)
Basin features

Apishapa River is a 139-mile-long (224 km)[2] tributary of the Arkansas River that flows from a source near West Spanish Peak in southern Colorado. It joins the Arkansas east of Fowler, Colorado. A U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) station, #07119500, located along this river near Fowler measures the river's discharge.[3]

The water level and salinity of the Apishapa River is monitored by gaging stations installed at three locations along the headwaters of the river in 2007.[4]

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