Apollo 13 (pinball)

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Apollo 13
Apollo 13 pinball.png
Manufacturer Sega Pinball
Release date October 1995
System Sega WhiteStar
Design Joe Kaminkow, Joe Balcer
Programming Lonnie D. Ropp, Orin Day
Artwork Mark Raneses, Jeff Busch
Mechanics Joe Balcer, John Borg, Rob Hurtado
Music Brian L. Schmidt
Sound Brian L. Schmidt

Apollo 13 is a 1995 pinball machine based on the film Apollo 13. It was designed by Joe Kaminkow and Joe Balcer, and released by Sega Pinball. It is notable for its 13-ball multiball mode, the largest of any pinball machine ever made.


After starting a game, you have a choice of "Regular" or "Novice" mode. "Regular" is the normal 3-ball arrangement. "Novice" is timed play; the player has 2 minutes when any drained balls are autoplunged, and after the 2 minutes expires, the game is over when the ball(s) on the field drains.

You can start a game in "League" mode by holding the left flipper button in while starting a game, and "Wizard" mode by holding the right flipper button in.

There are 9 Missions; after doing all of them, Master Alarm is lit at the right saucer. The Missions are:

  • Orbiter
  • CO2
  • Manual Burn
  • Rocket 2-Ball
  • Moon's Gravity
  • Under Volt
  • Life Support
  • Docking
  • Lite Extra Ball

Once the 9 missions have finished, the wizard mode Master Alarm will start. It's a 40-second frenzy where every target scores 1 million and adds 1 million to a Jackpot that is lit at the Blastoff ramp. The Jackpot does not reset after collecting it, and does not have a limit. This round can be worth many points if the player has mastered the ramp shot.

Multiball modes[edit]

Apollo 13 has a number of pinball modes:

  • Regular Multiball (5-balls)
  • 13-ball (13 balls): When the 8 BLASTOFF letters (shown below the score display) are completed (they then flash), the next multiball will be 13 BALL.

When 13-ball starts, the bottom post raises and stays up for about 10 seconds. Five balls are launched, and after about 5 seconds the 8 balls in the 8-ball holder are released, all at once. There is no ball saver. During 13-ball, the Rocket is lit for Jackpots. After a Jackpot, the bottom post is not raised, increasing the difficulty of play.

After 5 Jackpots have been collected, the Super 13-Ball Jackpot is lit.

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