Apostol Trpeski

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Apostol Trpeski
Apostol Trpeski.jpg
Born Apostol Trpeski
(1948-09-06) September 6, 1948 (age 69)
Tetovo, SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia
Occupation Cinematographer
Years active 1971 – present

Apostol Trpeski (Macedonian: Aпостол Трпески, 6 September 1948) is a Macedonian cinematographer.


Born on September 6, 1948 in Tetovo, SFR Yugoslavia (today Republic of Macedonia). Graduated at the Academy for theater, film and television art – Cinematography Department, the University of Zagreb, Croatia.[1]

Career background[edit]

From 1971 until 1992 he worked at the Macedonian National Television as Cinematographer and Director of Photography. He shot many series and TV shows of different genres, about a hundred reportages, many documentary films and TV movies and about a hundred more music shows, series, music and commercial videos, using all kinds of technologies.

Since 1992 to the present he has been working as professor and Head of the Film and TV Camera Department at University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"- Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. He was vice-dean of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts for ten years.[2]

He is member of the Macedonian Film Professionals Association[3] and member of the Council of the International Cinematographers Film Festival "Manaki brothers". He was member of the Senate of the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" and of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia. He was Chairman of the Board of the Macedonian Film Fund.[4]

He is author of the book Film and TV camera, book 1 - basis of the cinematography techniques (2000)

He was awarded many prizes for his work.


1984: "Didn't I tell you" („Нели ти реков“) as Focus Puller

1993: "Wonderful world", part of the first Macedonian omnibus "Light gray" („Светло сиво“) as DoP [5]

1997: Gypsy Magic as Director of Photography [6][7]

2001: Documentary film "Holly Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" („Божествена Литургија на Св. Јован Златоуст“) as Cinematographer

2002: “Heart of the Stone” („Каменот тежи на своето место“) as DoP

2002: “Slander” („Клевета“) as DoP

2003: “A Step ahead the time” (“Чекор пред времето”) as DoP

2003: “When the master of language” (“Кај мајсторот јазичар”) as DoP

2004: “Under” as DoP

2006: “Navi” as DoP

2007: “Temptation” („Искушение“) as DoP

2009: “Delirium” („Бунило“) as DoP [8]

2014: “To the Hilt (Film)” („До балчак“) as DoP [9][10]

2016: “Golden Five” („Златна петорка“) as DoP [11]

2016: “Love and Betrayal” („Љубов и предавство“) as DoP (TV series)

2016: “The Red Poet” („Црвениот поет“) as DoP (in postproduction)

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