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Apodoulou (Greek: Αποδούλου) is the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan mansion or ceremonial building.


Apodoulou overlooks the Libyan Sea.

Altitude: 450m above sea level


Apodoulou was first excavated by Spyridon Marinatos in 1934.

The area was inhabited from Late Neolithic times to the Late Minoan period, and the building was in use in the Middle Minoan III period. The site has yielded Linear A inscriptions on a basin and fragments of a stone cylindrical jar, as well as a small golden axe.

400m north of Apodoulou is a Late Minoan vaulted tomb. Four sarcophagus were found here and are on exhibit at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno.


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Coordinates: 35°09′39″N 24°43′23″E / 35.1609°N 24.7230°E / 35.1609; 24.7230