Apple Battery Charger

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Apple Battery Charger
Developer Apple Inc.
Type Battery Charger
Release date July 27 2010
Introductory price USD $29 (excl. tax)
CAD $29 (excl. tax)
GBP £25 (inc. VAT)
EUR €29 (including taxes)
Discontinued January 15 2016

The Apple Battery Charger is a battery charger formerly made by Apple Inc.

Product description[edit]

The charger is supplied with six batteries that were identified by a Czech website in 2010 to be rebranded Eneloop HR-3UTG Sanyo-manufactured rechargeable batteries (1.2V 1900mAh).[1] Apple claims that these batteries will last over 1500 recharges while retaining 70% of their capacity—even after being stored for long periods of time.[2] The Apple Battery charger was discontinued on January 15, 2016.[3]

Energy efficiency[edit]

Apple designed the charger so that the batteries draw less energy from the national power grid than other comparable chargers; as a result, energy efficiency is improved.[4] According to Apple, at 30mW, the standard power usage of the charger is ten times better than the industry average.[5]

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