Apple Blossom (Fabergé egg)

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Apple Blossom Fabergé egg
Wikiolo in Liechtenstein (29).jpg
Year delivered1901
CustomerAlexander Kelch
RecipientBarbara Kelch-Bazanova
Current owner
Individual or institutionState of Liechtenstein
Year of acquisition2010
Design and materials
Workmaster Mikhail Evlampievich Perkhin
Materials usednephrite, green and red gold, silver, pink and white enamel, diamonds, lined with velvet
Height11.5 cm
Width14 cm

The Apple Blossom egg, also known as the Jade Chest egg, is a Fabergé egg created in the workshop of Peter Carl Fabergé for the wealthy Russian industrialist Alexander Kelch who presented it to his wife as an Easter gift in 1901. Because it was not a gift from a Russian tsar to his tsarina, it is not considered an "imperial" Fabergé egg but rather, in this instance, is called one of the "Kelch" eggs. It is one of the largest such eggs ever created in Fabergé's workshop.[1] It is also one of the very few Fabergé eggs which lies on its side rather than upright.

In November 1996 a man named Adulph Peter Goop, an art collector from Liechtenstein, purchased the egg at a Sotheby's auction. Then, in 2010, shortly before his death, Goop bequeathed the egg to the State of Liechstein which now holds the egg at its Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum in the city of Vaduz.[2]


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