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Apple Chill is a festival in North Carolina. The event takes place in late April. Food vendors, crafters and a kids zone attract more 10,000 people to the host city. The festival began in 1972 in Chapel Hill, where the name is a Spoonerism. It ran for over 30 years until 2006 when shootings forced the town to formally disband it. The nickname "After Chill" was used to describe the drinking and cruising that continued late into the night after the festival was over.

From 2007 until 2010 the festival was held at the Roxboro Motorsports Dragway in Roxboro. Since 2011 the festival is held at the Fayetteville Motor Sports Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 2015, the Apple Chill is being held at Roxboro Motorsports and the event is held the first Sunday in May each year. The Apple Chill was held in 2016 at Fayetteville Motorsports parkway on Sunday, May 8th. It was originally scheduled for the first Sunday in May but was rescheduled due to the anticipation of rain on Sunday, May 1st.


The main event features drag racing as well as a parade of brightly colored motorcycles and cars. Many Jazz and R&B acts conclude the event.