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Applied Logic Corporation (AL/COM) was a time-sharing company in the 1960s and 70s.

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, AL/COM started in 1962 working on "mathematical techniques and their applications to problem-solving."[1]

Seeing the need for in-house time sharing the company bought a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-6 and developed its time sharing service, which came on-line in 1966.[1] In 1968 the company registered AL/COM as a trademark for its service.[2] The system involved both custom software and custom hardware.

By 1969 Applied Logic had four DEC PDP-10 dual KL-10 systems with plans for a fifth, and had expanded nationwide with offices in San Jose, San Diego, and San Francisco. The company also planned to market its time sharing systems in addition to providing services.[3] The company reported sales of $1,200,995, with an operational loss of $63,456.[4]

By 1972 AL/COM had local dial-up facilities in ten cities: Boston, Massachusetts, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Montclair, New Jersey, New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Princeton, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Wilmington, Delaware.[1] The computer center was located in Mathematics Park in Princeton.[3]

By 1970 the company was in financial difficulty and negotiated an agreement to defer $1,300,000 of debt.[5] Applied Logic filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy in 1975.


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