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Appuleia Varilla (flourished 1st century AD) was a Roman noblewoman and the only child of Claudia Marcella Major (niece of Roman emperor Augustus) from her third husband, Sextus Appuleius, consul in 14.[1] Her four older maternal half-siblings were Vipsania Marcella, Lucius Antonius, Gaius Antonius and Iulla Antonia.

In 17, she was charged by Tiberius for committing adultery and speaking insultingly about the Roman empress—–his mother Livia Drusilla—and his step-father Augustus. After the trial she was acquitted for treason, but her adultery was punished. She was removed from Rome and ordered not to go 200 miles near the city. This practice was traditional for relatives to do to family member(s) in this circumstance. Manlius, her lover, was banned from Italy and Africa Province.


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