Simhallsbadet, Malmö

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Aq-va-kul, Malmö (thumbnail).jpg
Aq-va-kul in 2007.
Building information
Full name Simhallsbadet
City Malmö, Sweden
Opened March 17, 1956
Home club(s) Malmö KK
SK Ran

Simhallsbadet is a swimming complex in Malmö city, Sweden owned by the Malmö Municipality. It was known as Aq-va-kul 1988–2015. Today it is mainly used by swimming clubs and schools.


Simhallsbadet (1956–1988)[edit]

Simhallsbadet was built as a public swimming venue in 1956 with a 25 m pool, and in 1977 a 50 m pool was added.

Aq-va-kul (1988–2015)[edit]

In 1988 a water park was built and the name was changed to Aq-va-kul. There were also a Turkish bath and a relax division. The facility had 600,000 visitors yearly. The name Aq-va-kul is a word play on the Latin word for water, aqua, and the Swedish phrase Ack, vad kul (English: "Oh!, how fun")

Aq-va-kul was the arena for seven Swedish Short Course Swimming Championships (last time in 2003), four Swedish Junior's Swimming Championships (last time in 2002), four Swedish Youth Short Course Swimming Championships finals (last time in 2006), and several meets in the FINA Swimming World Cup series in the 1990s. The current European record on men's 800 m freestyle was set in the 25 m pool in January 1997 by German Jörg Hoffman with the time of 7:36.24.

Simhallsbadet (2015 –)[edit]

In 2015 Hylliebadet replaced Aq-va-kul as a public swimming venue.[1] At the same time Aq-va-kul changed name to the former Simhallsbadet and is now mainly used by swimming clubs and schools.[2]


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