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Aqeel Ahmed
MohammedAqeelAhmed VirginShorts2008.jpg
Born Aqeel Ahmed
(1987-07-14) 14 July 1987 (age 29)
London, England
Nationality English
Other names M Aqeel Ahmed
Occupation Film Director, Screenwriter & Film Producer
Awards UH Animation Expose for "Best Comedic Film"
2008 Alienated
Virgin Media Shorts "Finalist"
2008 Alienated

Aqeel Ahmed (born 14 July 1987 in London, United Kingdom), also known by his birthname Mohammed Aqeel Ahmed or M Aqeel Ahmed, is an award-winning[1] British film writer and director, as well as founder of his own creative, film & video production company, Ahmco.[2] He is known for his comic short films and animations, usually highlighting social problems and situations. His student short film, Alienated (2008), a visual-effects film about an alien trying to be accepted on Earth, was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Shorts Festival 2008,[3] and is up for awards.[4]


  • How to be a Superhero (2007), Director
  • Alienated (2008), Director
  • Shattered Pieces (2009), Director

Shattered Pieces[edit]

In 2009, Ahmed completed a 15-minute short film entitled Shattered Pieces, about a man waking up to find London destroyed. It was shown in film festivals domestically as well as internationally.[5] In 2010, he uploaded a remastered version of the film (with new colour grading and visual effects) to the popular video sharing site, YouTube[6]

Ahmco and upcoming projects[edit]

In September 2011, Ahmed announced on Twitter that he was planning to set up a new production company called Ahmco. Later, a Twitter account[7] and Facebook page[8] emerged, revealing that the company will offer creative services with, the not surprising, speciality in film and video. Ahmco will also serve as a film production company, producing Ahmed's future film projects. The first announced "in-house" production is currently titled AndiRoid.[9]


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