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The International Federation of Private Water Operators
HeadquartersParis,  France
Region served
Official language
Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
Mamadou Dia  Senegal
WebsiteAquaFed official website

AquaFed, the International Federation of Private Water Operators, is an international advocacy group that aims at connecting international organisations with private water and wastewater service providers.

Created in 2005, AquaFed is the International Federation of Private Water Operators. Based in Paris and with a liaison office in Brussels, AquaFed represents more than 400 private operator providing water and sanitation services in more than 40 countries around the world.

Mission statement[edit]

AquaFed´s mission is to

  • contribute to creating a better world by sharing private operators´ expertise with international organisations, public authorities and with the civil society
  • be the channel between private water and wastewater service providers and international stakeholders
  • promote the option of private sector participation in water and wastewater management as a solution that public authorities can choose

AquaFed’s main action aims atconnecting private water operators with all stakeholders engaged at the international level on water services and challenges:

  • International organisations
  • Public authorities
  • Civil society (researchers, academics, experts, NGOs, journalists, etc.)
  • Advocating for the benefits of public-private partnerships as an option in managing water and sanitation services for public authorities and consumers, depending on the local context.
  • Improving the water industry and solving issues: AquaFed is sharing the expertise of the private operators and is working with the international community to identify solutions to address world’s water issues[JM1]
  • Providing information and counsel: AquaFed aims at being a reliable source of information on private operators’ contributions for all stakeholders interested in water and sanitation services


AquaFed is a member of the World Water Council, a Partner of UN-Water[1]" and a founding member of the Water Integrity Network,[2] amongst others.[3]

In 2008, AquaFed contributed to the Global Corruption Report that focuses on corruption in the water sector.[4]


As of April 2016 the Federation represents more than 400 companies in 40 countries worldwide.[5]

Aquafed Members include:

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