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Aqua String Band's 2011 Performance - "Aqua Has A-Peel!"

The Aqua String Band is an all volunteer string band, best known for their participation in Philadelphia's annual Mummers Parade.

The band was organized on April 2, 1920 by Elmer W. Leyrer and Fred J. Kesel, Sr. and incorporated into the String Band Association in 1945.[citation needed] Kesel introduced the glockenspiel to string bands, which has now become a signature and defining sound.[citation needed] The name, "Aqua", poked fun at the Volstead Act which banned alcohol under Prohibition.[1]

In addition to Philadelphia area parades, private events and concerts, the group participated in the 2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Holyoke, Massachusetts,[2] the 2012 Little League World Series' Grand Slam Parade[3] and the 2011 Hatboro Holiday Parade.[4]

Aqua has only missed three Philadelphia Mummers' Parades in their existence, 1927, 1928 and 1929.[5]

In 1987, the group was attempting to purchase Germania Mannerchor clubhouse for their home base.[6]

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Aqua String Band's 2010 Performance - "It's About Time!"


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