Aquashow Deconstructed

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Aquashow Deconstructed
Studio album by Elliott Murphy
Released 2015
Genre Rock
Label Last Call
Producer Gaspard Murphy
Elliott Murphy chronology
Aquashow Deconstructed
Prodigal Son
Professional ratings
Review scores
PopMatters8/10 stars [1]

Aquashow Deconstructed was the re-recording by singer-songwriter Elliott Murphy of the ten songs off his 1973 album Aquashow in a Paris studio, produced, arranged and mixed by his son Gaspard Murphy who had previously produced French pop band Superbus.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Elliott Murphy

  1. "Last of The Rock Stars"
  2. "How's The Family"
  3. "Hangin' Out"
  4. "Hometown"
  5. "Graveyard Scrapbook"
  6. "Poise 'N Pen"
  7. "Marilyn"
  8. "White Middle Class Blues"
  9. "Like a Great Gatsby"
  10. "Don't Go Away"