Aquellos años locos

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Aquellos años locos
Aquellos anos locos.jpg
Directed by Enrique Carreras
Written by Norberto Aroldi
Enrique Carreras
Julio Porter
Starring Palito Ortega
Mercedes Carreras
Music by Tito Ribero
Cinematography Antonio Merayo
Edited by Jorge Gárate
Distributed by Argentina Sono Film
Release date
30 July 1971
Running time
85 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Aquellosaño locos.jpg

Aquellos años locos (also known as Those Crazy Years in USA) is a 1971 Argentine musical comedy film directed and written by Enrique Carreras with Norberto Aroldi.[1] The film premiered on 30 July 1971 in Buenos Aires and stars Palito Ortega and Mercedes Carreras. The movie was filmed in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.



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