Arad County Clinical Hospital

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Arad County Clinical Hospital
Location Arad , Arad County, Romania
Coordinates 46°11′13″N 21°18′36″E / 46.1868463°N 21.31004329999996°E / 46.1868463; 21.31004329999996Coordinates: 46°11′13″N 21°18′36″E / 46.1868463°N 21.31004329999996°E / 46.1868463; 21.31004329999996
Funding State-owned
Emergency department Trauma center level I
Beds 631
Helipad Yes
Founded 1775

Arad County Clinical Hospital (Romanian: Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență Arad) is a major hospital located in Arad, Romania. The hospital serves the whole of the Arad County. The hospital is a multipurpose facility. The hospitals has sections for each branch of medicine (including psychiatry).[1]


The first salons of the hospital were opened in 1775. At the time, Arad was located in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and therefore the hospital was partly operated by Hungarian staff. The original hospital was the actual Municipal Hospital, now part of the ACCH.

The hospital's history remains uncertain until the Second World War, when the hospital was being used as a military hospital, as Arad was not a huge target.

In the 1960s, the hospital was added an additional three floors, totaling five floors.

In the late 2000s, the hospital merged with the Arad Municipal Hospital (Romanian: Spitalul Municipal Arad), forming a hospital which not only treats patients from the municipality of Arad, but also from the county. This practice is done because in some parts of the county, the hospitals might not have the adequate equipment for certain procedures. See article Healthcare in Romania

In 2011, the hospital received a new air ambulance, as well as a landing pad for helicopters.[2]

Facilities and equipment[edit]

The hospital has two operating blocks, each of them being able to sustain neurosurgery. Each block has its own sterilization facility.

There are 631 hospital beds, with an average of 2-4 beds per salon. [3]

The hospital also has an advanced trauma center, with a recently renovated emergency room.

There is also a state-owned pharmacy in the hospital.[4]

The Arad County Clinical Hospital is also the headquarters of the regional medical emergency center, which operates the (air) ambulances in the county.


By 2013, a new County Clinical Hospital will be built from scratch, in a different location. Further details are yet to be announced.[5]