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Arash Asli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yocale Network Corporation. He was among other top business representations in Vancouver's Top Forty under 40 business executive

Before Yocale, he oversaw a half-billion dollar portfolio of enterprise and SMB business solutions at Aptean as Executive Vice President of Business Solutions & Strategic Alliances. He also grew the company's largest global division to profitability and held roles including EVP Professional Services, Worldwide VP of CRM, and VP Sales Consulting. Recognized as a pragmatic and transformational leader, his expertise spans many industries including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and real estate.

Yocale, co-founded by Asli in 2013, is disrupting how people discover and book appointments with local businesses on one hand, and how small businesses manage their business and acquire new clients on the other. The website officially launched in September 2014 and has since revolutionized their industry. In 2016, they also won Top Start-Up at the TiEcon as the "leader in online appointment bookings".[1]

Education and certification[edit]

Arash studied Engineering in his early years at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He graduated with Masters in Business Administration specialized in Executive Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC which has contributed greatly to his career today.

He is also an officially Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and is recognized by the international Council of Management Consulting Institute (ICMCI).

Starting Yocale[edit]

Asli co-founded Yocale in 2013 with 5 of his peers with the idea that local business needed a platform to connect themselves with local clients. The original idea sprung from a ski accident, driving Asli to have to call all the massage therapists in the area, leaving voicemail after voicemail and becoming increasingly frustrated with how hard it was to find anyone in the area to help him.

The question then struck: does everyone struggle this much to find services in their area? From there the solution seemed obvious. A platform that could both connect services to clients and make the whole process that much easier was in great need.

Since 2013, Arash Asli has built Yocale around a concept of building local communities and creating a network of industries to support one another.

BOOK LOCAL initiative[edit]

Along with Yocale, Asli was also the instigator to the BOOK LOCAL initiative which, similar to its counterparts in BUY LOCAL[2] in BC or EAT LOCAL[3] in Ontario, encouraged communities to be proud of their local network and invest in local business. Arash Asli and his colleagues at Yocale strive to create a better network between local services and a stronger sense of accountability in communities towards local services.

The movement has been fruitful alongside the Yocale platform and continues to grow as more people learn to be proud of their local communities.

In the news[edit]

Arash Asli has also been featured in several publications. Most notably, in 2013 was profiled by Business in Vancouver as passionate and "completely different".[4] Asli is also a prominent member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council,[5] as well as the Forbes Technology Council,[6] and has contributed to the Huffington Post,[7] Inc,[8] and Forbes[9] among others.

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