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Arbeatha Park[1] is a sub-neighbourhood of Lynwood Village, which is in turn a sub-neighbourhood of Bells Corners in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Bounded to the west is Moodie Drive, north is Old Richmond Road, east is Lynwood Village and south is a forest owned by the city of Ottawa.

The neighbourhood is the second area to be developed in Bells Corners from 1955–1958. Later in the 1970s more townhouses were built on Old Richmond Road. It is home to Arbertha Park located on Arbertha Street. A mosque called Jamiatul Muslemeen is on Moodie Drive. It is also home to D.A. Moodie Public School, which is Bell Corners' junior high school ranging from grades 6–8.


Coordinates: 45°18′50″N 75°49′30″W / 45.31389°N 75.82500°W / 45.31389; -75.82500