Arcen Games

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Arcen Games
IndustryComputer and video game industry
HeadquartersUnited States
Key people
Christopher M. Park, Pablo Vega, Keith LaMothe, Daniette Mann
ProductsAI War: Fleet Command
A Valley Without Wind 1&2
Shattered Haven
Skyward Collapse
Bionic Dues
The Last Federation
Number of employees
4 (2014)

Arcen Games is a small video game company founded in March 2009 by Christopher M. Park – CEO, Lead Programmer and Lead Designer – as a North Carolina Limited Liability Company.[1]

Arcen Games is best known for its real time strategy game AI War: Fleet Command.[2] Arcen also released a puzzle game named Tidalis in July 2010,[3] a 2D side scrolling game A Valley Without Wind in April 2012,[4] environmental Puzzle Game Shattered Haven, and, in 2013, A Valley Without Wind 2, turn-based 4x simulation god-game Skyward Collapse, and tactical mech game Bionic Dues. On April 18, 2014, Arcen released The Last Federation, a space-themed strategy game. Arcen laid off most of their employees after the release of Starward Rogue, which is a commercial failure for them, in January 2016.[5]


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