Archaeological Museum of Poros

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Facade Archaeological Museum in Poros
Outside Archaeological Museum in Poros

Coordinates: 37°29′54.29″N 23°27′17.03″E / 37.4984139°N 23.4547306°E / 37.4984139; 23.4547306 The Archaeological Museum of Poros is a museum located on Koryzis Square in Poros, Greece.

The museum was built in the 1960s on a plot of land donated by the Koryzis family. The displays of the museum date from the Mycenaean era to Roman times.

The museum contains a notable collection of artefacts dug by the French Archaeological School in Troezen such as collections of funerary stelae, ancient inscriptions and geometric pottery.[1] The collection also includes excavations of the sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalavreia, ancient inscriptions and Hellenistic figurines from Agios Konstantinos in Methana and items such as pottery, bronze vessels and figurines from the old excavations at Hermione.[1]


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