Archambaud VIII of Bourbon

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Archambaud VIII of Bourbon
Noble familyHouse of Dampierre
Alix de Forez
  • Beatrice de Montluçon
Archambaud IX of Bourbon
FatherGuy II of Dampierre
MotherMathilde of Bourbon

Archambaud VIII of Bourbon, nicknamed the Great (1189–1242), was a ruler (sire) of Bourbonnais in the modern region of Auvergne, France. His parents were Guy II of Dampierre and Mathilde of Bourbon.[1]

Archambaud’s first wife was Alix de Forez.[2] They married in 1205. Before she was repudiated, Alix bore:

Archambaud later married Beatrice de Montluçon,[5] who bore him;


  1. ^ De Vaivre and Devailly indicate Archambaud and his siblings' mother as Beatrix.[3][4]


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Archambaud VIII of Bourbon
Born: 1189 Died: 1242
Preceded by Sire de Bourbon Succeeded by