Archibald le Magi-chien

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Archibald le Magichien
Created by Jean Chalopin
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
Country of origin Belgium, France
No. of episodes 46
Original network Syndication
Original release 1980 – 1981

Archibald le Magichien (literally: Archibald the Magic Dog) is a French animated edutainment TV series that ran from 1980 until 1981. A total of 46 5-minute episodes were produced by DIC Entertainment.

This miniseries was one of the first productions of DIC Entertainment, produced only one year before Ulysses 31.


The last word in the title combines the words magie (magic) and chien (dog). The resulting portmanteau, magichien, is a pun on the word magicien (magician).


Archibald is a Magician who has transformed himself into a dog and can't remember how to change himself back.[1] He befriends a young boy called Pierre and teaches him the secrets of maintaining a good form and health.

The series was designed to teach child viewers how to take better care of their health. Among its many educational values were: The dangers of using tobacco, alcohol, exposure to sun, and the importance of maintaining one's hygiene such as brushing one's teeth, exercising, washing one's hands and eating balanced meals.[1][2]

Alternative Titles[edit]

  • נחשון (Nachshon) (Israeli Title)
  • Archibald der Weltraumtrotter (German Title)


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