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Archistar is a software framework[1] to build distributed storage system on the basis of secure fragmentation and information dispersal. It is dedicated to the development of a secure distributed storage architecture for trustworthy cloud usage. The Archistar framework combines methods from Byzantine fault tolerance, secret sharing, and additional tools from cloud cryptography to achieve its goal and parts of it are released as open-source software. A non-functional goal is to provide a base framework for further research into this topic: to achieve this, focus has been set on readability and open-source licenses have been used for all prototype code.

The first version of the Java implementations have been developed in a research project funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the current version is maintained and extended as part of the EU funded research project PRISMACLOUD[2]


To achieve better readability self-contained aspects were extracted into libraries:

  • Secret sharing library on github[3]
  • BFT state-machine library on github[4]

Current Features as of November 2013[edit]

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