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Jura House

Ardfin Estate is a country estate on the island of Jura, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. It is situated at the southern tip of the island, between Feolin and Craighouse. It includes the 16-bedroom C-listed[clarification needed] Jura House, worth £5 million as of 2012.[citation needed] The gardens are home to exotic specimen plants from Australasia.[1] These were, for some years, a popular tourist attraction on the island, but were closed after a new owner acquired the estate in 2010. The estate also includes 16 kilometres (10 mi) of coastline and seven islands over a total of 4,692.3 hectares (11,595 acres).[2]

On 23 August 1994, a disused boathouse in the Ardfin Estate was the location of K Foundation Burn a Million Quid, an event in which art group K Foundation burned a million pounds in cash that they had earned as pop duo The KLF. The event was filmed, and was screened in Jura exactly a year after the burning.

In November 2010, the Ardfin Estate was purchased by Greg Coffey, an Australian hedge fund manager.[3] He decided to close the gardens to the public, and disposed of all livestock from the estate farm. The closure of the gardens initially caused some concern among residents, although Coffey's spokesman indicated that in due course they would be reopened, probably in 2012.[4] However, more recent information (February 2012) suggested that the closure may become permanent, and in June 2012 it emerged that Mr Coffey was planning to build a golf course on part of the estate.[5]


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