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Ardhapur taluka is a taluka in Nanded district of Maharashtra an Indian state.[1][2] It is a part of Nanded subdivision.[3]

Nanded district[edit]

Nanded district is divided into three subdivisions viz. Nanded subdivision, Deglur subdivision and Kinwat subdivisions.[3] There were 16 talukas in Nanded district as of November, 2014, viz. Nanded, Ardhapur, Bhokar, Biloli, Deglur, Dharmabad, Hadgaon, Himayatnagar, Kandhar, Kinwat, Loha, Mahur, Mudkhed, Mukhed, Naigaon, and Umri.[1] In 1981, there were eight talukas in the district, viz. Nanded, Hadgaon, Kinwat, Bhokar, Biloli, Deglur (Degloor), Mukhed and Kandhar.[4] The talukas of Mahur, Himayatnagar, Umari, Dharmabad, Mudkhed, Loha, Ardhapur and Naigaon (Naygaon) were formed on 26 June 1999.[3]


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