Are You Ready for Love?

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Are You Ready For Love?
Carnaby Films
Directed by Helen M. Grace
Produced by Trudy Sargent
Written by Roberto Trippini, Helen M Grace, Trudy Sargent
Starring Lucy Punch
Andy Nyman
Ed Byrne
Music by Nigel Champion
Cinematography Nick Tebbet
Edited by Laurie McDowell
Release date
  • 27 March 2007 (2007-03-27) (Method Fest Independent Film Festival)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Are You Ready for Love? is a 2007 British romantic comedy feature film, directed by Helen M. Grace, produced by Carnaby Films, 2007.


The film is about a pair of American authors who promise to find love for three single Londoners in just three days, as a publicity stunt for the UK launch of their book 'Are You Ready for Love?... How to Find Love in Three Days'.

The fictitious authors Randy Bush (Michael Brandon) and Candy Connor (Leigh Zimmerman) offer "a fail-safe guide to instant romance" to their dating victims, Melanie (Lucy Punch), Barry (Andy Nyman), and Luke (Ed Byrne).

When Candy and Randy, celebrated Californian self-help gurus, come to London to launch their bestselling book ‘Are You Ready For Love? How To Find Love in Three Days’, they choose three single Brits for a publicity stunt to prove that their advice works.

Luke, Barry and Melanie are the three unlucky-in-love hopefuls who pay good money to take part in Candy and Randy’s promotional promise.

Luke, a self-confessed ‘Monster Lover’, is a 38-year-old ageing pop star who relies on his status as a one hit wonder to attract one night stands. He is in desperate need of help to find a real relationship.

Barry, a 35-year-old Jewish dentist is a perfectionist with high expectations for his perfect partner. He turns to Candy and Randy in a last attempt to avoid his domineering mother’s match-making scheme.

Melanie, a 32-year-old photographer, is a hopeless romantic looking for ‘The One’. Always seeming to find the wrong one, she believes that Candy and Randy will help her to find true love.

These three single Brits have 72 hours to find love by following the advice given to them by the love gurus and their new book. Throughout this three-day period, their every move is filmed by roving cameras who are documenting their success for a promotional TV programme to be shown at a press conference after the three days are up.


Awards / Film Festivals[edit]

  • Winner: Audience award (Cardiff Film Festival 2006).
  • Winner: Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast (Monaco International Film Festival, 2006).
  • Screened in California (Calabasas Method Fest Film Festival, 2007).


Filming Are You Ready For Love? commenced in September 2005 after 4 weeks of pre-production. The film was shot entirely on location in London over 5 weeks and encompassed some of London’s most celebrated landmarks, and shooting location included the streets of Soho, Central Hall in Westminster, Hampstead Heath, Streatham ice rink and the South Bank.[1]

The film includes a speed dating sequence that takes place on board the charter boat The Dixie Queen on the River Thames at Tower Bridge. The Bridge opened for the boat to pass through during the shoot.

Amidst these organized events we have scenes set in the homes of the main characters and their workplaces. This took us from a vets in Barnes to music studios in Maida Vale, and scenes set in a publishing house near Greenwich with stunning panoramic views across the city.

Filming finished on 24 October 2005 and the film was in post production until the end of March 2006.

Are You Ready for Love? was released on DVD by Sony on 9 February 2009.


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