Arend Joan Rutgers

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Arend Joan Rutgers (October 20, 1903 in Almelo, Netherlands – September 2, 1998 in Almen) was a Dutch/Belgian physical chemist.

Arend Joan Rutgers went to high school in Almelo, after which he studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. After he obtained his master's degree in 1926 he went to Leiden, where he studied theoretical physics under Paul Ehrenfest. In 1930 he obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Leiden on a thesis entitled "Bijdrage tot de theorie der thermoelectriciteit in kristallen." (Contribution to the theory of thermo-electricity in crystals).[1] In 1931 he returned to Amsterdam as an assistant.

In 1933 he became a lecturer at Ghent University in Belgium. In 1938 he was promoted to full professor, and he remained in Ghent until his retirement in 1974. Most of his scientific research was on colloids and surface chemistry, focussing on electrokinetics.

Rutgers was elected a correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1948.[2]


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