Argos Energies

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Argos Energies
Industry Oil and gas
Predecessor Van der Sluijs Groep
Argos Oil
FNR+ Holding
North Sea Group
Headquarters Rotterdam, Netherlands
Products Refined products
Services Energy trading

Argos Energies is an independent oil company with headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The company is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

Argos Oil was founded in 1983 by CEO Peter Goedvolk. In 2010 the company's turnover exceeded €2 billion. Argos Oil employs more than 550 people. Argos Oil merged with North Sea Group on 25 October 2011, and in March 2012 the name of the merged company was finally announced to be Argos North Sea Group. Since 2012, the company has been the principal sponsor of Argos-Shimano, a professional cycling team based in the Netherlands.[1]

International trading[edit]

Argos International Trading (AIT) is active in the international trade in oil products. AIT aims to have a right mix of price, quality and availability of oil products, both for the companies within the Argos group and third parties. Some of the products traded by AIT are gas oil, diesel, biodiesel, vegetable oils, gasoline, and gasoline components such as MTBE, ETBE and Ethanol. In order to hedge its exposure to financial risks, AIT is also active in over-the-counter swaps, international oil markets, futures and options.

Production and supply[edit]

Argos Production & Supply is active in the production, storage and logistics of oil and energy products.

For the storage of oil products Argos operates terminals and depots in the Netherlands (Rotterdam Pernis), Belgium (Ghent), Germany (Emmerich am Rhein) and France (Chalon-sur-Saône and Beaune-la-Rolande). The Argos terminal in Rotterdam Pernis is located at a deep water site, is operational 24/7 and has a storage capacity of 650,000 m³ (to be extended to 850,000 m³). The in 2010 acquired Ghent depot has a capacity of 34,000 m³. The facilities in Chalon sur Saône and Beaune la Rolande have capacities of 20,000 m³ and 70,000 m³. Argos is also building a new terminal in the port of Amsterdam capacity of 140,000 m³ - Hydrocarbon Hotel. The project is a joint venture between Argos/North Sea Group and the Blue Ocean Group. The terminal will be used for the export and blending of petrol an diesel, as well as petrol components and biofuels.[2]

Argos Oil holds a participation in one of the largest Biodiesel and Glycerin manufacturers of Europe with factories in Germany and the Netherlands. One of these plants is located at the Argos Terminal in Rotterdam Pernis. This Biodiesel plant has a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year.

In Neuss, Germany, Argos Oil operates HummelEnergy, an electricity-generating facility that provides approximately 30,000 households with "green" energy. With the Hummel technology, heat and electricity is generated using slow rotating turbines that run on vegetable oils.

Marketing and sales[edit]

The business units within the Argos Marketing & Sales Division focus on the trade in various oil products, including:

  • Argos Wholesale: Business to Business sales of fuels. (NL, BELUX, D, F)
  • Argos Service Stations: operating own petrol stations (57 under Argos, Esso, Q8 and Shell brand). Marketing of manned and unmanned Argos retail concepts (tank stations of third parties under the Argos brand), the AtTheCarwash Company wash concept and the Cuba Café coffee concept. (NL, BE, D)
  • Argos River bunkers: supply of fuel, lubricants and ship supplies to the coastal and inland waterway transport (4 own bunker ships), national coverage with a focus on the port of Rotterdam. Sales of fuels to inland cruise shipping companies within Europe.
  • Argos Ceebunkers: specializes in the supply of fuels and lubricants to international maritime traffic.
  • Argos Lubricants: supply of lubricants of the brands Argos Supreme and Anderol Specialty Lubricants directly and via branded resellers (NL, BE, D).
  • Argos home heating oil: supply of heating oil in own management (D and F) and via Argos branded resellers (BELUX: 28, D: 1)
  • BK-GAS: supply of Autogas (LPG) to filling stations (NL>500, BELUX>100, D>80)


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