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Ariel Investments
FounderJohn W. Rogers, Jr.

Ariel Investments is an investment company located in Chicago, Illinois. It specializes in small and mid-capitalized stocks based in the United States.[1]


Ariel was founded by John W. Rogers, Jr. in 1983, who is Chairman and CEO of the company.[2] Mellody Hobson has been president of the company since May 2000. The company employs 88 people, with the employees and the board owning 95% of the company. It has over $10 billion under management.[3]

Ariel is a minority-owned investment company.[4] It claims to be the largest minority-owned investment firm.[2] The company also supports the African-American Community of Bronzeville by giving its support to non-for-profits such as The Renaissance Collaborative.[5]


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