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Studio album by John Davis
Released October 2, 2007
Recorded Studio 606, Northridge, California by Nick Raskulinecz
Genre Rock/Christian Rock
Length 42:31
Label John Davis Brand Music
Producer Nick Raskulinecz and John Davis
John Davis chronology
John Davis
(2005)John Davis2005

Arigato! is the self-released second album by Superdrag vocalist/guitarist John Davis. The album was released in the midst of Superdrag's 2007 reunion tour; as well as selling the album at shows, the band found the song "Tell Me I'm Not Free" so close to their sound that they made it a regular part of their set. So far, the album has seen a limited release; it is available from Davis' website and iTunes.

Arigato! marks a stylistic turnaround from the pop-influenced gospel of Davis' first album to a heavier rock sound reminiscent of Foo Fighters, who coincidentally own the studio that the album was recorded in.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Chant Down Babylon"
  2. "Watch Me Walk Away"
  3. "I Need Someone"
  4. "Lamentation vs. Laughter"
  5. "Everybody on the Ground"
  6. "History"
  7. "I'm at War with Myself"
  8. "Never-Changing"
  9. "Tell Me I'm Not Free"
  10. "Paranoid"
  11. "Scared of What I Might Find"