Ariyavangsagatayana (Pun Puṇṇasiri)

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Somdet Phra Ariyavamsagatañāṇa
Somdet Phra Sangharāja
(Pun Puṇṇasiri)
Religion Buddhism
School Theravada, Maha Nikaya
Dharma names Puṇṇasiri
Nationality Thai
Born Pun Sukcharoen
Song Phi Nong, Suphan Buri, Thailand
Died December 7, 1974 (aged 77)
Bangkok, Thailand
Senior posting
Title Supreme Patriarch of Thailand
Predecessor Somdet Phra Sangharaja (Chuan Utthayi)
Successor Somdet Phra Sangharaja (Vasana Vasano)

Somdet Phra Ariyavangsagatayana Somdet Phra Sangharaja, or simply known as Ariyavangsagatayana, was briefly the 17th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand (1972–1973, 2515–2516 Thai calendar). He was born in 1896 as Pun Punnasiri in the Supanburi province. He was a member of the Chetupon Temple. He reigned only for 1 year and 4 months. His predecessor was Ariyavangsagatayana, 16th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand and his successor was Ariyavangsagatayana, 18th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand.

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Preceded by
Juan Utthayi
Supreme Patriarch of Thailand
Succeeded by