Arjan Roskam

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Arjan Roskam
Residence The Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Organization Green House Seeds
Known for Cannabis genetics
Partner(s) Franco Loja
Children Dax Roskam
Awards 32 Cannabis Cups

Arjan Roskam is Cannabis Entrepreneur and the founder of Green House coffeeshops and Green House Seed Company. He is known as "The King of Cannabis", supported by the fact that his company seeds and genetics have won numerous Cannabis awards. He is always on a hunt in one country or another for the next rare strain that might change the Cannabis industry forever. [1]

Popular culture[edit]

Strain Hunters[edit]

Roskam started a series of documentaries called the Strain Hunters. A program in which Roskam seeks out rare or vulnerable landraces from around the world.[2]

National Geographic[edit]

Roskam appeared on the show Drugs, Inc., in the "Marijuana" Episode, in which he discussed his work in the Cannabis business.[3]


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