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The Armadale was an English automobile manufactured from 1906 to 1907 by Armadale Motors Ltd, Northwood, Middlesex, then Northwood Motor & Engineering Works, also of Northwood.


Three wheel[edit]

Initially called the Toboggan, the Armadale Tri-car, so-called the "perfect little three-wheeler" featured infinitely variable friction drive and a pressed steel chassis, unusual in a tricar. It used either a one-cylinder Aster or a 2-cylinder Fafnir engine.

Four wheel[edit]

In 1906, the company listed a conventional 4-wheeler with a 16 hp 4-cylinder engine.

Tourist Trophy Race of 1906[edit]

An Armadale car, owned or driven by A.C. Godwin Smith, was entered in the Tourist Trophy Race in the Isle of Man on 27 September 1906 but it did not start.[1]

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