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Arn may refer to:

Given name[edit]

  • People called Arn:
  • In fiction:
    • Arn, the youth friend of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant
    • Arn, the first son of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant, named after the youth friend
    • Arn Magnusson, a fictional character in the Crusades trilogy
    • Arn – The Knight Templar, a 2007 Scandinavian adaptation of the first two books of the Crusades trilogy
    • Arn – The Kingdom at Road's End, a 2008 Scandinavian adaptation of the final book of the Crusades trilogy


  • Edward F. Arn (1906–1998), governor of the U.S. state of Kansas
  • Gréta Arn (born 1979), Hungarian professional tennis player


  • arn, the ISO 639-2 code for the Mapudungun language, a language isolate spoken in central Chile and west central Argentina
  • George Arnott Walker-Arnott, a Scottish botanist, known by the author abbreviation "Arn."
  • ARN may refer to Architectural Reference Number


ARN may refer to:

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