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George Arnold Haynes Safroni-Middleton, also known as Count Safroni (3 September 1873 – 7 November 1950) was a British composer, director, violinist, harpist, writer and amateur astronomer. For several works he used the pseudonym William H. Myddleton.


Safroni-Middleton was born in Kent. He studied violin with Pablo de Sarasate and afterwards started performing as violinist. He played the violin in the Orchestra of "Her Majesty's Theatre" in Sydney, the Orchestra of the Opera House in Auckland, the Providence Opera House in Providence (Rhode Island), the Tokyo Orchestra, the Government House (Sarawak) Orchestra and the Government House (Hayti) Mexico Orchestra. As solo performer he toured around Australia, South America, Italy and Spain.

Later he became bandmaster of the Orchestra of the Carl Rosa Opera Company in London.

As a writer he wrote many novels, travel guides and poems. He explored Borneo, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.

As a composer he is mainly known for his marches and dance music for the harmony orchestra. His best known piece is probably Imperial Echoes (1913), which for many years was the theme of Radio Newsreel on BBC radio.

He died in Streatham and was buried at West Norwood Cemetery on 10 November 1950, age 77.


Works for orchestra[edit]

  • Imperial Echoes (BBC Radio Newsreel march)
  • The Leek - A Selection of Welsh Melodies published by Boosey and Hawkes early 20th c.
  • The Rose - A Selection of English Melodies published by Boosey and Hawkes early 20th c.
  • The Shamrock - A Selection of Irish Melodies published by Boosey and Hawkes early 20th c.

Works for harmony orchestra[edit]

  • American President, march
  • Boys of The Old Brigade
  • By Imperial Command, march
  • By Order of the King, march
  • Call of the Empire, march
  • Chanson de la Nuit, entr'acte
  • Down South
  • Firenze, waltz
  • House of Hanover, march
  • Imperial Echoes, march
  • Imperial March, march
  • King's Cavalier, march
  • Light of the Regiment
  • Men of the Mist, march
  • Negro dream
  • Salute the Standard, march
  • Samoan Love Waltz
  • Sierra Leone, march
  • The Dashing British, march
  • The Last Tryst, concert waltz
  • The Monk's Dream
  • The Night Riders, march
  • The Phantom Brigade, march
  • The Relief, march
  • The Shamrock
  • The Scottish Thistle
  • The Stronghold, march

Stage plays[edit]

  • La Foresta, musical comedy
  • Gabrielle, musical comedy


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