Arpa Valley

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Arpa Valley
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Naryn Region
River Arpa River (Kyrgyzstan)
Length 60 km (37 mi), NW-SE
Width 32 km (20 mi), SW-NE

The Arpa Valley (Kyrgyz: Арпа өрөөнү) is a high-altitude valley located in the south-west part of internal Tien-Shan. The valley is limited by Fergana Range to the south-west, Torugart Range, Atbashi Range to the east, Ortok Too, and Djaman-Too to the north.

"From the top of the Sur-tash pass, on the Ferghana range, a most instructive view was obtained over the plateau world to the east. Below was the Arpa "Pamir," a broad, undulating, grassy valley, with the Arpa river flowing through its centre. The Jaman Davan range, which borders the Arpa plateau on the north-east, on the north closes in and joins with the Ferghana range, thus enclosing the plateau. The Arpa river cuts through this range by a deep-cut gorge, the course of which is still dotted on the map, by an imaginary line."[1]


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