Arrange to Settle

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Arrange to Settle
Arrange to Settle.jpg
Directed by Ishu Krishna
Produced by Annie Cull
Sweta Mehta
Suresh Mulakal
Nishi Kothari
Naina Juliet Joseph
Chris Emerson
Jason Baustin
Aaron Lasher
Karen Dadey
Pramodh Sunkari
Starring Priya Jagadeesh
Beau Peregino
Ravi Khanna
Susannah Wells
Nayab Hussain
Release dates
  • 7 June 2012 (2012-06-07)
Country United States
Language English

Arrange to Settle is a comedy-drama film about an American-born Indian woman who has to decide between an arranged marriage and another love. The film was shot in 2011 in and around Washington D.C. and was completed in the end of 2012. The film is written and directed by Ishu Krishna. She received initial funding and marketing by using crowd funding platforms.[1][2]


Arrange to Settle is about an Indian girl that decides to get an arranged marriage following a series of failed relationships. Even though her father gives her an option before the invitations go out, she commits to going through with it. After making this commitment, she meets, Justin and falls in love.

Press and promo[edit]

A big portion of the press for this film was received due to director Ishu Krishna’s usage of crowdfunding to pay for its production. Krishna spoke at a TIVA[3] event about crowdfunding. There were two blogs and an article in the Indian Express that used Arrange to Settle as a case study for crowdfunding.[2][4][5]

Ishu Krishna also had several radio interviews about the film with Naan Sense Radio[6] and Bangla Radio.[7]


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