Arroyo Seco (Alameda County)

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Arroyo Seco
Country United States
State California
Region Alameda County
City Livermore
Source spring
 - location 8 mi (10 km) southeast of Livermore
 - elevation 1,990 ft (607 m)
 - coordinates 37°39′57″N 121°36′51″W / 37.66583°N 121.61417°W / 37.66583; -121.61417 [1]
Mouth Arroyo Las Positas
 - location north of Livermore
 - elevation 482 ft (147 m) [1]
 - coordinates 37°42′20″N 121°45′23″W / 37.70556°N 121.75639°W / 37.70556; -121.75639Coordinates: 37°42′20″N 121°45′23″W / 37.70556°N 121.75639°W / 37.70556; -121.75639 [1]

Arroyo Seco is an 11.7-mile-long (18.8 km)[2] watercourse in Alameda County, California, that traverses through the city of Livermore. Arroyo Seco means "dry stream" in Spanish. Arroyo Seco lies above the Arroyo Seco watershed, which includes the eastern part of the city of Livermore and also the Sandia National Laboratory. The Mocho Subbasin is the largest of the subbasins in the Livermore Valley watershed. This subbasin is bounded to the west by the Livermore Fault Zone and to the east by the Tesla Fault. Some groundwater flow occurs across these fault boundaries, but flows are discontinuous below a depth of fifty feet across the Tesla Fault and south of the Arroyo Mocho channel across the Livermore Fault.[3] A number of threatened and endangered species occur in this watershed.[4]

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