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Fagron NV
Public company[1]
Traded asRCUS.BR on the Brussels Stock Exchange
IndustryHealthcare services and products
PredecessorOmega Pharma (Professional health division)
Area served
Europe, South America and the United States[3]
Number of employees
over 2,000[2]

Fagron NV is a publicly traded multinational group of companies governed by Belgian law. Its registered office is located in Waregem, Belgium,[citation needed] and its headquarters is located at Rotterdam, Netherlands.[2] Founded as Arseus NV, it was formerly the Professional Health Division of Omega Pharma, and became an independent entity via an IPO on October 5, 2007 and has been listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels and NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since then. Its share is included in the BEL MID-index and the Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX). The head office of Fagron is located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).


Fagron supplies products and services to professionals and institutions in the healthcare sector in Europe, the United States, Brazil and Argentina. The company comprises four company divisions:

  • Fagron Group supplies products for pharmaceutical drug compounding to hospitals and pharmacists. This division also sells products under the Fagron brand name.[3]

Fagron was founded in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in 1990 by Ger van Jeveren, the current CEO of the Fagron Group. Fagron is currently active in 29 countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. Fagron products are sold to 150,000 customers in over 55 countries around the world. With 1,500 employees, Fagron generated a turnover of US$ 400 million in 2012.

Pharmaceutical compounding - the creation and dispensing of tailor-made medications - is the root of the pharmacy profession often symbolised by the mortar and pestle. Compounding allows the pharmacist to work with the patient and the prescriber to customise medication to meet the patient’s specific needs. It regularly happens, for example, that patients need their medication in a dosage form or strength that is not available or that patients are allergic to an ingredient. In such situations, pharmaceutical compounding provides a tailor-made solution for the patient.

  • Arseus Dental supplies dental products such as cameras and dental x-rays to dentists[3] and dental laboratories in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Arseus Medical supplies medical and surgical products to specialists, elderly homes, homecare nurses and hospitals[3] in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Corilus supplies software applications for the management of medical records, medical tests and other aspects of information technology used in healthcare,[3] for medical specialists in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.


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