Artūras Andrulis

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Artūras Andrulis
Arturas Andrulis.JPG
Artūras Andrulis in 1939
Personal information
Born (1922-04-10)April 10, 1922
Died July 3, 1981(1981-07-03) (aged 59)
Volusia County, Florida
Height 5 ft 11.2 in (1.81 m)
Weight 175 lb (79 kg)

Artūras Andrulis (Americanized his name as Adolfas Andrulis; April 10, 1922 – July 3, 1981[1]) was a soldier and Lithuanian basketball player. He won two gold medals with the Lithuania national basketball team during EuroBasket 1937 and EuroBasket 1939.


Artūras started playing basketball when he was 17 years old. He studied at Kaunas War School and played in their team. He was notable for fast defense. Later he was invited to Lithuania national basketball team and played as a shooting guard. He won EuroBasket 1937 and EuroBasket 1939.

At the end of World War II he moved to Germany and played for the Kempton Šarūnas, a Lithuanian emigrants' team. Later, he moved to the United States and played for a Lithuanian athletes' club.


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