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Art Peck
Arthur Peck

1955/1956 (age 62–63)[1]
EducationOccidental College
Harvard Business School
OccupationCEO, Gap Inc.
SalaryUS$15,587,186 (total compensation, 2017)[1]

Arthur Peck (born 1955/1956) is an American businessman, and the CEO of Gap Inc., the American multinational clothing and accessories retailer.

Early Life[edit]

Art Peck received a degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1977,[1][2] followed by an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1979.[3][4]

He worked for Boston Consulting Group from 1982 to 2005.[3][1]

Gap Inc.[edit]

Peck joined Gap Inc in 2005[1] after former CEO, Paul Pressler, hired him on as vice president of strategy and operations.[4] In the mid 2000s, Peck was instrumental in steering Gap Inc’s strategy, locally and internationally. He pitched the idea of franchising the retailer's foreign locations allowing local third parties to operate many of the businesses operations.[3][4] He also helped launch Gap’s Product Red campaign in 2006, a campaign that also partnered with other retailers such as Converse, Apple, and Nike.[4] Peck became CEO of Gap Inc in February 2015.[3][5]

Personal Life[edit]

Peck is married and has four children, two of which work under the Gap Inc. umbrella.[4]


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