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Art and Illusion

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Art and Illusion
First edition
AuthorErnst Gombrich
GenreArt history
PublisherPantheon Books (Bollingen series)
Publication date
Publication placeUnited States
Media typePrint

Art and Illusion, A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation, is a 1960 book of art theory and history by Ernst Gombrich, derived from the 1956 A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts. The book had a wide impact in art history,[1] but also in history (e.g. Carlo Ginzburg, who called it "splendid"[2]), aesthetics (e.g. Nelson Goodman's Languages of Art[3]), semiotics (Umberto Eco's Theory of Semiotics[4]), and music psychology (Robert O. Gjerdingen's schema theory of Galant style music).

In Art and Illusion, Gombrich argues for the importance of "schemata" in analyzing works of art: he claims that artists can only learn to represent the external world by learning from previous artists, so representation is always done using stereotyped figures and methods.


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