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Arthur's Home Magazine, 1867

Arthur's Home Magazine (1852-ca.1898) or Ladies' Home Magazine was an American periodical published in Philadelphia by Timothy Shay Arthur. Editors Arthur and Virginia Francis Townsend selected writing and illustrations intended to appeal to female readers. Among the contributors: Mary Tyler Peabody Mann and Kate Sutherland.[1] In its early years the monthly comprised a selection of articles originally published in Arthur's weekly Home Gazette.[2][3] Its nonfiction stories contained occasional factual inaccuracies for the sake of a good read.[4] A contemporary review judged it "gotten up in good taste and well; and is in nothing overdone. Even its fashion plates are not quite such extravagant caricatures of rag-baby work as are usually met with in some of the more fancy magazines."[5] Readers included patrons of the Mercantile Library Association of San Francisco.[6]

Alternate titles[edit]

  • Arthur's Home Magazine[7]
  • Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine[8][9][10]
  • Arthur's Lady's Home Magazine[11]
  • The Home Magazine[7]
  • Ladies' Home Magazine[7]
  • Lady's Home Magazine


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  • Arthur's Home Magazine. Philadelphia: T.S. Arthur & Co. Missing or empty |title= (help)

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