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Arthur Francisco Carmazzi
Arthur Francisco Carmazzi.jpg
BornAugust 21, 1962
OccupationWriter and speaker
Known forFounder of Directive Communication Methodology

Arthur Francisco Carmazzi (born August 21, 1962) is an Italian-American writer / speaker living in Asia and expert on Psychological applications to Leadership and Organisational Culture Enhancement and Development. He is mostly known for his contribution as the founder of the Directive Communication Methodology.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Carmazzi was born in Carson City, Nevada. He went to Carson High School and attended University of Nevada - Reno, Pacific University, and Montana State University majoring in various disciplines from business to psychology and international marketing to chemical and electrical engineering. While he attended these various universities over a 5-year period, he received no degree. He was hired as a Copywriter in his first job in Deco & Co. in 1986, in spite of his challenge of dyslexia and A.D.S., he was soon promoted to the youngest account executive in the history of the company. He left Deco on 1988 to build a small company he purchased – Frontier Corporate Kit Company – that dealt in corporate business structure to a legal clientele. He built the company to the 3rd largest of its kind in the United States.[7][4]

In 1990, he was stabbed in an attempted robbery where he almost lost his life. This event gave him new a new perspective in life so he sold his company and most of his positions then traveled the globe for 2 years to find his greater self.

In 1992, he moved to South Korea as Managing Director to the Asian venture of the Grail Corporation, an American consulting company dealing in the creation of new retail distribution chains for B2B organisations.[8]

In 1997, Carmazzi’s success prompted him to start his own retail chain in Singapore. Within a year and a half, Carmazzi had not only lost everything, he found himself a half-million Singapore Dollars in Debt. He acclaims this experience as his first real lesson in how ego affects organisational effectiveness.[9]

Carmazzi was forced to go back into the corporate world in 1999 to repay his debt and fundamentally survive. Entering as a department head in a dysfunctional Multi-National, Carmazzi, considering himself a positive and hardworking individual, found himself being assimilated into the dysfunctional culture and taking on the negative characteristics of the culture such as blaming and being uncooperative. This conflict of identity eventually led Carmazzi to the research that founded the Directive Communication Methodology.[9][10][11]

After a few successes in applying the new Directive Communication method, including saving the organisation he worked for an additional $17,000 a week in wastage, Carmazzi formed his own firm to facilitate Directive Communication based Training and organisational development applications. In 2005, he began licensing Directive Communication to other trainers and consultants around the globe.[12][11]

He is also the owner of Avalon Resort used as a lateral expansion of his business to house high end retreats.[13]

Career as author[edit]

The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers, a joint project with his friend David Rogers, was published in 2000, and became a bestseller in Singapore and then Malaysia. The book researched 50 different self-made millionaires from around the world and presented their strategies from a replicatable psychological perspective.[12]

Arthur Carmazzi is greatly influenced by Ken Blanchard, and incorporates simplicity, story and adds a little fun into his books. In his more recent books, Carmazzi took lessons from his own life and failures and his take on the decision making process in relation to environment.[14]

In the December 2002 “Identity Intelligence” was published and ranked 32 in sales on the first day of release, only to be taken off the shelves by the threat of a lawsuit for improper structure in referencing of his research. When the matter was solved in Carmazzi’s favor 4 years later, the publishers no longer accepted the title for distribution. The book only sold about 12,200 copies at Carmazzi’s talks and website by 2006.[14]

Carmazzi now focuses on Leadership and Organisational Development and developing other Directive Communication certified trainers and consultants. There over 300 Directive Communication Certified Trainers in 16 different countries. He continues to write and speak about his applications of the Directive Communication methodology. His Asia headquarters is base in Bali Indonesia.[14]

In 2011, Carmazzi was awarded and ranked in world's top 30 most influential leadership professionals list by GlobalGurus and has been ranked between the #12 and #8 spots since then.[14]


  • 2000 – The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers (co-written with David Rogers)
  • 2002 – Identity Intelligence – the force for making the right decisions for personal and professional success
  • 2005 – Leadership Intelligence Seminar - Fining your best Leadership Identity
  • 2007 – Lessons from the Monkey King, leading change to create Gorilla Sized Results
  • 2007 – The Culture Evolution handbook
  • 2007 - The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers[15]
  • 2004 - 2007 The Directive Communication Facilitation Series (12 volumes)
  • 2009 - The Colored Brain Communication Field Manual
  • 2012 - The Meta Secret (one of the teachers in the book)[16]
  • The psychology of selecting the right employee
  • 2017 - Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture


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