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Arthur Greiner (1884 Chicago, Illinois – 15 Dec 1916 Chicago, Illinois) was an American racecar driver, and historically the first to finish last in the Indianapolis 500. Greiner crashed on the backstretch after completing twelve laps in the inaugural race. His riding mechanic Sam Dickson was killed in the accident, becoming the first Indianapolis 500 fatality.

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Chicago Tribune (IL) - May 25, 1917 GREINER DIES IN SANITARIUM Deceased Name: Arthur W. Greiner Arthur W. Greiner, conspicuous for several years as an automobile driver and "man about town," died yesterday in a Milwaukee sanitarium. He had been seriously ill for several months, following a nervous breakdown. The collapse came when he and Mrs. Greiner were living at the Edgewater Beach hotel. In the hope of recovering his health Mr. Greiner 's relatives caused his removal to the Milwaukee sanitarium, but he sank gradually. The body will be brought to Chicago and the funeral held tomorrow from the Greiner family residence at 1930 Lincoln avenue. Mr. Greiner was less than 34 years old. Chicago Tribune (IL) Date: May 25, 1917 Edition: Chicago Tribune Record Number: 19170525fp010