Arthur H. Hider

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Arthur H. Hider
London, England
Known forPainter and commercial illustrator
Canadiens-français enrolez-vous! (French-Canadians - Enlist!) by Arthur H. Hider, 1914-1918

Arthur H. Hider (1870-1952), was a Canadian painter and commercial illustrator.[1] Hider was born in London, England. He moved to Canada at age two.

He became an apprentice at a lithographer in Toronto, Canada when he was fifteen. He went on to work for Rolph-Clark-Stone for sixty years. Much of his work consisted of illustrating calendars. Gerlach Barlow Co. commissioned several of his paintings for their calendars.[2] His art depicting Robin Hood for the cover of the Robin Hood Flour Cook Book was painted before the 1912 name change; but it continued to be used in promotions for many years.[3]

Haider was also known for his paintings illustrating the Boer War.[4]


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